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 Tile and grout are usually found in areas of your home that experience high traffic, so they get dirty very quickly.  Why bring new life to your carpets, and not your kitchen, bathroom, and hallways?  There are stains and buildup in your grout lines and mopping and scrubbing cannot remove.
 Feeling smug because you selected a dark color grout that "hides" dirt?  Think that means your floors don't need deep cleaning?  Think Again !
 Grout and tile in foyers, hallways, kitchen and bathrooms harbors ground-in dirt and grime that breed bacteria which not only eats away the grout, but also creates odors that you may not even notice.  Many of our clients are not only pleased by the look of their tile, but are also surprised at how clean and fresh their home smells after a cleaning.
 Our revolutionary patented system will do wonders for all of your stone, travertine, brick, and concrete areas, inside and out.  It's a complete, one stop face lift !
 We can use the power of up to 3000psi of water pressure and 240 degrees of heat to completely remove years of contaminants from your tile and other hard surfaces.
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